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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Within These Walls

Today, our home was placed for sale. That means, that today, we open our hearts to "whatever comes next." I love new adventures, hope-filled endeavors, anticipation, promise and change. Yet, as that "For Sale" sign went up, there was also a twinge of sadness. Because, while I love change, I also love the comfort of what's familiar, and this house is familiar... so familiar.

This house holds 8 years of memories for me. There are so many untold stories of what happened "here" and "there," moments that will forever be tucked away in my heart. 

As I look out this front window, I feel gratitude. 

I can remember the first time I visited with my girlfriends. We admired this beautiful, bachelor pad of a home, and I remember thinking 'what I could do to these walls!' Before I knew it, our wedding cake was sitting on the kitchen counter and we were placing a slice into the freezer for good luck.

So many memories flood me. Like hanging streamers for celebrations, blasting music while the girls and I cleaned, welcoming my husband home from work, helping kids with homework at the kitchen table, and sending my stepson off to college weeks after bringing a new baby home to love.

In this kitchen, I've made hundreds of pancakes and tortillas, baked thousands of cookies and dinner rolls, and poured countless cups of coffee and glasses of wine for family and friends. This kitchen is filled with memories of late night conversations, dinner time prayers with the kids, and quiet evenings created for "just the two of us."

In that living room, we made funny videos for Nana, watched movies like Mega Mind and Back to the Future over and over again, hosted sleepovers for cousins, and played Trouble and Yahtzee with grandparents. I've given many hugs, sprayed lots of sunblock, applied dozens of band aids and filled back packs with school supplies time and time again.

Inside of these walls, we have shared so many moments with loved ones - many that have passed on. Together we have laughed, cried, danced, fought, made up and laughed some more. 

We filled these walls with life. 

In this backyard, we designed our own little slice of heaven. I'll remember the hours spent lounging by the pool, while the kids played ball and practiced diving. I'll remember the day my mom, my daughters and I spent the morning planting flowers by the pool, and the moments with my husband cleaning and sprucing it up. We filled the backyard with orange jubilees, a mandarin tree, a cats claw, bird of paradise, roses and more.  We turned this backyard into our private paradise.

Oh, and the memories we made on this front porch...

I remember the girls and I pushing the baby on the swing. I remember trying to shape one of the bushes into a heart as we laughed the entire time. I think of the countless times I swept rocks off the porch, pulled the wagon to check the mail and the excitement we felt every year as we hung up holiday decorations.

This front door led to many small excursions, like nightly bike rides, walks filled with hot cocoa and Christmas lights. It led to hikes on the nearby mountains.

I think of all of the people that we have welcomed through this front door.  So many families have come and gone, and I realize, that one day we will welcome another family into this home. A family that is not familiar to us. A family that will recreate these rooms and play in this yard. A family that will breathe their own life, and love and promises into these walls. 

One day, our home, will become theirs, and we will set off to finish what we have started. We will continue to create a lifetime of moments. Each day will be a new adventure and each adventure will become a memory just like the one before it. The best thing about memories is that we can make them anywhere, and the best part about our home, was never the house itself, it was the love that we created here, within these walls, together.