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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Love the One You're With

Totally feeling this one today. 

From taking care of our littles from sun up to sundown, to tagging items for the next art festival, to working, to adding a few ingredients to the slow cooker to feed my family, to working on several side projects... 

I'm in the groove.

And okay, maybe a little tired.

Mostly, I'm just buzzing around...  


I was so blessed to see my mama and aunt hustle when we were younger. Helping their husbands run a business, raise a half a dozen kids (each) and take care of so many other things. In between company errands, house cleaning and meal prep, I'd see them take the time to help others out. One took the time to volunteer at her kids' school, the other would drive a family member to a doctor's visit. They were devoted to their families and always busy.

What I remember most is that in between the hustle and bustle, they made time for the things they loved and they always had each other. When the work was done, and time and money allowed, they'd craft, sew, bake, design a garden, and scrapbook. They shopped together and when their kids were older, they'd sneak away to get a coffee or to work out with a fitness trainer. 

They had big families, full days and content hearts!  

I truly believe they had happy households, because they also took the time to love themselves. These days, I am blessed to know so many wonderful women and mommies! From those that work outside of the home, to those who work in the home, to those who volunteer, to those going back to school or pursuing side passions...

Cheers to you mama.
The one who is doing what she feels is best for herself and her family.   
The one who is making her world, her own. 

Yes, girl, OWN IT.

Embrace your choices and your goals and your life.  

Own your struggles and your experiences and your successes. 

Embrace your girlfriends and your family. 

Own the way you spend your days. 

Yep, I adore this saying, and no, it's not because I consider myself a #bossbabe, lol, but I do love the concept. I love the idea of women embracing their lives and the things that they are passionate about! 

I love the feeling of being obsessed with my life. 

I love getting through the hard times and coming out stronger and happier. 

I love everything in this moment &&& the possibility that tomorrow can be even better.

Well, I'm signing out for now, but in the meantime, I recommend that in between the dishes, the paperwork and the diapers, you find a little time in your schedule to do something that makes you feel refreshed!