Sunday, November 8, 2015

Call of Duty Party, Black Ops XIV

My stepdaughter wanted a family birthday party this year. Being that she is a gamer, she was so happy that Call of Duty Black Ops III came out on her birthday! She requested a game party, so with her theme in mind, I had one week to plan. 

I had several ideas that I wanted to incorporate into the party, but I didn’t have enough time to execute with a 1 year-old running around. If there is one thing I have learned since becoming a mommy, it is to not stress myself out over minor details. I love to plan down to every last goody bag, but with household of 5, it can't always happen. Overall, I was happy with what we accomplished. My husband was a huge help!

Call of Duty Black Ops XIV

I ordered a few customized products with 2 day delivery to be safe! 
A camouflage personalized pencil for the treat bags that said Black Ops XIV and this COD shirt. 
The seller communication and quality from the Etsy shop was great!
We were especially excited that her gamer tag was printed on the back. 
To order this shirt click here. HERE. 

My husband spray painted a few packages for the back drop.
Ammo. Care Package. Bomb. 
We also collected a few military props from Dad for some fun dress up photos.

My favorite decoration was the tent that we set up
as a Game Station. We picked up a few inexpensive camouflage tarps from 
Walmart and draped them from the tent.

The banner was personalized with her Gamer Tag. 
To order a custom name or birthday banner visit my Etsy shop here.

I also was able to customize a few images that I found online for several decorations, 
by adding her name and age.

We hid army men from the dollar store in the yard and had the kids search for them. 
The child who collected the most won. The kids put together camouflage planes and flew them across the yard. The airplane that flew the furthest was the winner. We also played a word game. The kids stood in a circle and named words used in the military (soldier, tent, rank) and if the children couldn't think of a word when it got to their turn they were out. The child left standing won.

COD Black Ops XIV = Prestige Achieved