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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Today He's Turning One

He's my watch me laugh, as I throw noodles on the floor.
He's my hands are in the toilet, because someone forgot to close the bathroom door.

He's my lets walk in the yard, so I can throw a rock and eat a flower.
He's my open up the door, and get drenched while you are in the shower.
He's my change my shirt again, because its soaked with drool.
My splasher in the tub who drinks water in the pool.

He's my snap photos of me smiling, while I'm dreaming in my sleep.
He's my every time the door opens, I'll try to escape and run and leap.
He's my as you stack the books, I'll happily toss them down.
He's my while you mop the floor, I want to be carried around.

 He's my look mom, I unrolled toilet paper, and it's everywhere.
My cheerio for mama too, because I'm learning how to share.

He's my feed me every hour of the night time, waker.
He's my squinty eyed, lips puckered, cutest-face-ever-maker.

 He's my smashed avocado, and cut up hot dog.
My diaper, wipes and milk on the grocery log.
He's my grab my little hand, and help me up the stairs.
My rub the bubbly baby shampoo, in my soft blonde hairs.

 He's my daddy's home, watch me while I excitedly run.
He's my clapping hands, head shaking, stomping, dancing, bundle of fun.
He's my I'm sorry you didn't get anything done, because I needed to be held all day.
He's my fingerprints on the patio door, that never go away.

 He's my high pitched scream, that's begging for another bite.
My when you change my diaper, I will kick and scream and fight.
He's my giggle, as I throw and chase the rolling ball.
He's my pick me up and kiss me, after I trip and fall.

 He's my wipe my boogers off my face, as I try to run away.
He's my sit on the living room carpet with me, as I play.

 He's my bottle and sippy cup, sticky, messy spill.
My rub teething gel on me at bedtime because teething makes me ill.
My sing along song baby.
My hit the floor when I'm angry baby.

 My pull my sisters hair and bite baby.
My loves all green foods baby. 
My happy to shake the stair gate baby.
My ever curious, exploring baby. 
My lay my head on your shoulder baby.

My kissing, cuddling baby.
My smile at every stranger baby.
We love everything about him, he's our perfect little one,
Can't wait to see what next year brings, 
Happy 1st birthday to our SON!