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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Call of Duty Party, Black Ops XIV

My stepdaughter wanted a family birthday party this year. Being that she is a gamer, she was so happy that Call of Duty Black Ops III came out on her birthday! She requested a game party, so with her theme in mind, I had one week to plan. 

I had several ideas that I wanted to incorporate into the party, but I didn’t have enough time to execute with a 1 year-old running around. If there is one thing I have learned since becoming a mommy, it is to not stress myself out over minor details. I love to plan down to every last goody bag, but with household of 5, it can't always happen. Overall, I was happy with what we accomplished. My husband was a huge help!

Call of Duty Black Ops XIV

I ordered a few customized products with 2 day delivery to be safe! 
A camouflage personalized pencil for the treat bags that said Black Ops XIV and this COD shirt. 
The seller communication and quality from the Etsy shop was great!
We were especially excited that her gamer tag was printed on the back. 
To order this shirt click here. HERE. 

My husband spray painted a few packages for the back drop.
Ammo. Care Package. Bomb. 
We also collected a few military props from Dad for some fun dress up photos.

My favorite decoration was the tent that we set up
as a Game Station. We picked up a few inexpensive camouflage tarps from 
Walmart and draped them from the tent.

The banner was personalized with her Gamer Tag. 
To order a custom name or birthday banner visit my Etsy shop here.

I also was able to customize a few images that I found online for several decorations, 
by adding her name and age.

We hid army men from the dollar store in the yard and had the kids search for them. 
The child who collected the most won. The kids put together camouflage planes and flew them across the yard. The airplane that flew the furthest was the winner. We also played a word game. The kids stood in a circle and named words used in the military (soldier, tent, rank) and if the children couldn't think of a word when it got to their turn they were out. The child left standing won.

COD Black Ops XIV = Prestige Achieved

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Today He's Turning One

He's my watch me laugh, as I throw noodles on the floor.
He's my hands are in the toilet, because someone forgot to close the bathroom door.

He's my lets walk in the yard, so I can throw a rock and eat a flower.
He's my open up the door, and get drenched while you are in the shower.
He's my change my shirt again, because its soaked with drool.
My splasher in the tub who drinks water in the pool.

He's my snap photos of me smiling, while I'm dreaming in my sleep.
He's my every time the door opens, I'll try to escape and run and leap.
He's my as you stack the books, I'll happily toss them down.
He's my while you mop the floor, I want to be carried around.

 He's my look mom, I unrolled toilet paper, and it's everywhere.
My cheerio for mama too, because I'm learning how to share.

He's my feed me every hour of the night time, waker.
He's my squinty eyed, lips puckered, cutest-face-ever-maker.

 He's my smashed avocado, and cut up hot dog.
My diaper, wipes and milk on the grocery log.
He's my grab my little hand, and help me up the stairs.
My rub the bubbly baby shampoo, in my soft blonde hairs.

 He's my daddy's home, watch me while I excitedly run.
He's my clapping hands, head shaking, stomping, dancing, bundle of fun.
He's my I'm sorry you didn't get anything done, because I needed to be held all day.
He's my fingerprints on the patio door, that never go away.

 He's my high pitched scream, that's begging for another bite.
My when you change my diaper, I will kick and scream and fight.
He's my giggle, as I throw and chase the rolling ball.
He's my pick me up and kiss me, after I trip and fall.

 He's my wipe my boogers off my face, as I try to run away.
He's my sit on the living room carpet with me, as I play.

 He's my bottle and sippy cup, sticky, messy spill.
My rub teething gel on me at bedtime because teething makes me ill.
My sing along song baby.
My hit the floor when I'm angry baby.

 My pull my sisters hair and bite baby.
My loves all green foods baby. 
My happy to shake the stair gate baby.
My ever curious, exploring baby. 
My lay my head on your shoulder baby.

My kissing, cuddling baby.
My smile at every stranger baby.
We love everything about him, he's our perfect little one,
Can't wait to see what next year brings, 
Happy 1st birthday to our SON!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Your Presence is Invaluable

Today was beautiful.

We found an opportunity to sit,
To visit,
To catch up.
We don’t do it often,
And that’s okay.
Life happens.
We are busy.
We have families.
Daily chores.

Things to do.
And so many other people in our lives to make the time for.
We found the time for each other.
It was wonderful.
I walked away feeling happy.
That’s how ((you)) make me feel.
In case you didn’t know, that is how you make everyone feel.
Your personality shines.
I love you.

Our relationship has not been perfect. 
Life is not perfect. 
But oh, how I enjoy sharing our imperfections with each other.
I have a secret,
In my eyes,
You ARE magnificent.
Your imperfections make you unique.
Your struggles make you human.
Your ability to grow and persevere,
To take each day as it comes,
Makes you admirable.
Your heart makes you irreplaceable!

But, the best part,
Has always been,
Your presence.
Your presence is invaluable.
Perhaps our time together happens only a few times out of each year,
But that’s okay.
A few times is all it takes
To remind me
Just how special you are.
A few times is all it takes
To fill my heart up with enough love to last
Until we meet again!

Project 31 - A Letter to YOU

Today I am writing a letter to
YOU... friend
To the one who has been hurt
The one who is feeling
inadequate, incapable, fearful, and alone
The one who may feel like you are barely holding on
That nothing is as it seems
That your world is crashing down around you
I am writing to remind you
YOU are strong
Happiness is within your grasp
Hope is all you need
Just to Believe in Yourself
(1 Corinthians 1:24)
I promise that if you believe, everything else will follow
The ones that matter already believe in you
That you are loveable
That you are worthy
That you deserve the best
That you have a purpose
And that He has a plan
(Proverbs 16:9)
Ask for what you want
Ask for what you think you need
(Matthew 7:7)
Trust that His plans for you will be simply amazing!
You have a great big life ahead of you
Much to live for
Much to see
Much to enjoy
And happiness is just waiting for you to find it!
A big chunk of happiness is waiting for you
To scoop it up and put it in your cup!
He promises that your cup will overflow! 
You will get there...

~To that place~
Where nothing can shake your faith,
Because true contentment has found you
And the knowledge that even on the toughest days,
He is standing next to you!
(Deuteronomy 31:6)
You will understand that sometimes you will make choices that hurt you
And sometimes others will make choices that hurt you
And your life will change
But you will be okay
Because you have endured!
That life goes on!

That even with your faith,
You are going to have moments of weakness
And in those moments of weakness
You will find yourself weary, hurt and uncertain 
But that those moments pass
And one day,
You will look back on those moments of weakness
And realize just how small those moments were
And just how big YOU are!
(Philippians 4:13)