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Monday, May 7, 2012

So Many Moments... to Collect

I am a collector of moments,

But so often
The moments
Become a distant memory
Because the new ones just keep piling on.

Life is a clock that keeps on t I c k I n g.

Why is it the older we get,
The more we want to do,
The less time we have,
The faster time goes?!

I love the moments,
And I want to hold on to them forever.
I am the girl
That WAS, that IS and WILL ALWAYS BE

forever floating,  
From one idea to the next,
Because I know this...
life has so much to offer.

There are…
So many experiences to have,
So many hands to hold,
So many books (: or blogs :) to read,
So many people to help,
So many friendships to create,
So many places to go,
So many shoes to wear,
So many restaurants to try,
So many bible verses to grasp,
So many kisses to plant,
So many flowers to pick,
So many fears to overcome,
So many songs to adore,
So many mountains to climb,
So many pictures to take,
So many hugs to give,
So many chances to take,
So many rides to take,
So many lessons to learn,
So many things to teach,
So many laughs to let out,
So many phone calls to make,
So many spring lines to enjoy,
So many children to love,
So many ideas to share,
So many stories to write,
So many prayers to pray,
So many "thank you"s to express,
So many lunch dates to plan,
So many oceans to breathe in,
So many recipes to try,
So many moments to enjoy.

The reality is that I am not in search of any treasures here on earth

How fortunate I am
To collect the blessings that have been given to us.
I do so with gratitude
and hope
That someday
We will get to relive
The most beautiful moments again.