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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Your Presence is Invaluable

Today was beautiful.

We found an opportunity to sit,
To visit,
To catch up.
We don’t do it often,
And that’s okay.
Life happens.
We are busy.
We have families.
Daily chores.

Things to do.
And so many other people in our lives to make the time for.
We found the time for each other.
It was wonderful.
I walked away feeling happy.
That’s how ((you)) make me feel.
In case you didn’t know, that is how you make everyone feel.
Your personality shines.
I love you.

Our relationship has not been perfect. 
Life is not perfect. 
But oh, how I enjoy sharing our imperfections with each other.
I have a secret,
In my eyes,
You ARE magnificent.
Your imperfections make you unique.
Your struggles make you human.
Your ability to grow and persevere,
To take each day as it comes,
Makes you admirable.
Your heart makes you irreplaceable!

But, the best part,
Has always been,
Your presence.
Your presence is invaluable.
Perhaps our time together happens only a few times out of each year,
But that’s okay.
A few times is all it takes
To remind me
Just how special you are.
A few times is all it takes
To fill my heart up with enough love to last
Until we meet again!