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Thursday, March 8, 2012

I Think of You Every Minute of Every Day

The other day, as we were riding in the car, I told my stepdaughter that every time I see a Petsmart, I think of her.

My stepdaughter laughed and repeated what I said to her sister, “Did you hear that? Every time mom sees a Petsmart she thinks of me.”

And our other daughter said, "Well, that's okay, because 

she thinks of me every minute of every day.”

I could not help but laugh.

My kids, who know how much I love them,

are still constantly seeking love, attention and approval.

Not just from each other, not just from their friends, but from us - their parents.
I thought of the kids that do not have that.

Each day as I pick up my girls from school, I see a half a dozen children get picked up for a local group home. I can see them standing in line with each other joking, laughing, smiling and waiting.
And I wonder…
Are they smiling on the inside?

They are not waiting for a parent to pick them up like most children.

They are not going to jump in their family car and go home to do homework with siblings.

They are waiting for a group leader, someone who is paid to pick them up, take them to their group home and who leaves when their shift is up.
Yet, there they stand, in front of the school, smiling.

They are so precious.
Do they know that?

Does anyone tell them that they matter?

That they have a purpose.
That they are loved.
That someone is thinking of them.
My heart hurts for these kids, 
but the sad truth is that their little hearts hurt more.
Tonight I will tuck my children into bed, say a prayer and we will kiss each other good night.
But tonight my thoughts are a million miles away.

Tonight, my thoughts are with those children that are going to bed alone, or hungry, or even hurting...hoping they will survive another day.

Tonight, I am thinking about the children that will never get to have a parent tell them, 

"I think of you every minute of every day."