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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

DIY - Dinner Tray Makeover

We've had some dinner trays stacked in the pantry for a couple of years.
 The white and light oak don't match our house,
and they were pretty worn.
Even after washing them
they still looked dirty.

I thought about getting rid of them,
but I decided to hold onto them,
because it would be more fun
and practical,
give them a makeover.

someday came!
I pulled out the paint supplies and got to work.

I sprayed the tables with black spray paint,
and stenciled some red designs.
I dry brushed a few areas on the top, sides and legs,
then I rubbed sand paper over a few areas.
Lastly, I coated with a clear spray lacquer.

Can't wait to pull these babies out on movie night! ;)