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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

DIY - Dinner Tray Makeover

We've had some dinner trays stacked in the pantry for a couple of years.
 The white and light oak don't match our house,
and they were pretty worn.
Even after washing them
they still looked dirty.

I thought about getting rid of them,
but I decided to hold onto them,
because it would be more fun
and practical,
give them a makeover.

someday came!
I pulled out the paint supplies and got to work.

I sprayed the tables with black spray paint,
and stenciled some red designs.
I dry brushed a few areas on the top, sides and legs,
then I rubbed sand paper over a few areas.
Lastly, I coated with a clear spray lacquer.

Can't wait to pull these babies out on movie night! ;)

Monday, February 6, 2012

What a Gift, Your Friendship & Bread

So much sweetness in this life...





Yep, I am a foodie.

I love it.

My hubby and I love trying new recipes,

and 10 days ago

we received a new one,

Amish Friendship Bread.

I had never heard of this bread before,

 so I was pretty excited to receive it,

but also a little nervous to try it.

Ooh, the pressure...

My friend gave me a bag of dough,

that came with 10 days of instructions.

What if I mess up the recipe and my friend asks me how it turns out?!

What if I tell people about the bread, then ruin it and

I don't get to give any out?

Can you believe I was nervous about bread?

Well, I was!

I'm a “what if” girl.

I have a tendency to let fears get to me.

I'm an often quiet, shy girl,

who sometimes worries about mistakes


I even make them!

I'm a lot of other things too.

I just have to

to remind

myself sometimes.

I'm a creative type.

I'm a wife, mother, step-mother, and friend.

 I’m a personal chef, chauffeur and a baker.

I’m a college grad, small business owner and homemaker.

A former school teacher, a scrapbooker and a maid.

I’m a freelance/blog writer and avid reader.

I’m a child care coordinator, and personal events planner.

I’m responsible, compassionate,

careful, and loyal.

I’m a nifty, thrifty, crafty girl,

And a savvy problem solver might I add.

I wear many hats.

I try lots of things.

I have experience.

Yet, even after


all of the things that

I know,

I still

at times

spend time


About the things


I don’t.

I am smart

enough to know,

some things just don’t matter.

Who cares if I make a mistake,

life will go on.

Things usually turn out better than expected,

Just like ~ this bread ~ last night.


even if it wouldn't have turned out perfectly,

I would have been just fine,

after all...

making mistakes is part of the growing process…

in the kitchen,


in life.

And I do realize that the best part of this bread,

Wasn't the  bread itself,

but the


that came with it!

30 – 3 things old seen new…dinner trays repainted, journals retyped, new blossoms on our old bush   
31 – a gift on a paper, in a person, in a picture…a card I found while cleaning that was given to my hubby a few years ago, my mother-in-law’s call (who’s bday was today), a drawing along with a hole in the wall, because my niece unexpectedly tacked a picture up for me in my office
1 – a visit from a friend, his time and love, putting together a puzzle with the kids
2 - hubby won a trip, she’s happy to go because she loves him, the power is in believing
3 – clarity, expression, revelation
4 - invitations made with my little one, a newly hatched bird in her cage, crumbs she left… because she was home
5 – a blouse from my friend, the bench that my hubby made with me, her red heart blanket