Thursday, June 30, 2011

Where the Magic Begins

Well today is the day when our kids leave to be with the other parents.
Tear... I'm not sure if it will ever get easy.
But on a happy note, we had such a great week!

Now that we are back from our vacation, and things have slowed down some.
I realize that I have one month left of summer vacation to "home-school." ;o)
We have been working on understanding the importance of priorities.
Church. Family. Work. Community. Self.
& we are having fun doing it!
Or at least I have been having fun doing it!

Today, as my daughter was getting dressed,
she came into my room to tell me it was time to comb her hair. 
As she grabbed my hand and led me down the hall,
in a dainty little voice she said,

"Come with me!
This is where the magic begins."

I giggled, and
I felt my heart fill with emotion.

If only she knew...
If only they knew...
Just how much we love them!
And how every little thing we do is because we want the very best for them.

We do want them to experience magic!

I have many expectations for our children,
and for myself as a mother.
And if I do my job right, if WE continue to take pride in our roles as parents,
someday she will understand just how important her little phrase is!

"Come with me!
This is where the magic begins."

MAGIC does begin in the home for a child!

Home is their safe haven.
We make them feel loved.
We teach them to love themselves.
We teach them to love others.

Her little phrase made perfect sense.
I was reminded of how all of our efforts...matter.
All of these lessons that we do with our kids matter!
We can't control every aspect of our children's lives,
but can control what we do with them, 
when they are in our presence
and in our homes.

I know that we are trying to lead our children to
a kingdom full of magic...

...and for a moment...

I could picture Jesus
grabbing my little girl's hands

and let me show you
where the real MAGIC begins."