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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Meet Me Under the Mistletoe


“Where is the perfect spot for the mistletoe this year?” I say aloud as I find a place in the kitchen to display it. My seven-year-old daughter sees me hanging it up and says, “Ew, gross!”

Then a while later she says, “Mom, come here I need help.” As I walk over to see what she needs she gives me a sweet little unexpected mistletoe kiss.
Most times she acts like she accidentally stepped under it and just realized she made the biggest mistake ever. So I have to quickly grab her and kiss her as she giggles and pretends to wiggle away.
I love having the mistletoe hanging in my house at Christmas time!
 Not that I need an excuse to kiss my hubby or our children, but I like having it for the silly moments, like when the girls step under it unexpectedly, and I get to grab them and give them a big ol' smooch before they back away.
“Why do you have kissing pictures and stuff in the house?” Our youngest asks.
“Because we love each other,” I say.
Each time my husband and I get caught showing any type of affection, she makes a face and loudly says, “ew!”
I used to moan and groan each time my parents showed affection in front of me, but secretly I didn’t mind. It felt good to see our parents in love, happy and passionate about each other.
“Would you rather have us fighting instead, because I’m sure we can find something to argue about?” I tease her.
“Yeah,” she says as she walks away.
Then a few minutes later I hear a call from the kitchen, “Mom, come here. I need help with something…”