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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Let us be Grateful

May we be filled with peace and love today.
May we understand that today is good.
Yes, it could be better.
Yes, it could be worse.
However we choose to feel
about this particular day,
Let us recognize that it is ours.
To do with it as we please.
To hug our children.
To love our spouses.
To smile at strangers in passing.

May we trust in God's plan.
Let us not be burdened by our daily struggles.
Let us not attempt to change the things we cannot,
but focus on the things we can.
May we simply...live.
Completing our every day chores
with a happy heart.

May His presence surround us.
May our souls be blessed, cleansed,
renewed, free.
May we be grateful today and every day.

Delia Akao