Monday, April 23, 2018

Aqua and Gray Kitchen Backsplash

Slowly, but surely, we are turning this house into our cozy little dream home. This weekend Hubby decided that he was ready to add our kitchen backsplash, so you know this girl jumped on it!
We found a tile store called Floor and Decor and found just what we needed,  and more. I'm not going to give a How To lesson, but I will say do not forget to turn off the power. Those electrical wires are unavoidable when you are filling in the putty, grout and/or wiping the messes away with water!

I'm psyched that our kitchen is coming together. I adore our color choices!! Being that my Hubby is a California native, he loves the beach house feel, and I just love cool, relaxing tones...with mermaid vibes of course! This was my first time helping to install a backsplash, and while it wasn't my favorite activity, it is always enjoyable when we get to accomplish something together! Because you know - teamwork makes the dream work! ;)